About US
We take our client safety very seriously and keep our cleaning and disinfection at a maximum standard to help reduce any chance of contracting a virus during a visit.
At Mstudio, we use disposable gloves, nail files, buffs, orange wood sticks, wear face coverings. Our salon is equipped with protective social distancing screens.

We regularly perform a full disinfection of every surface including the floor, countertops and of course the tools and equipment we use. We use the right disinfectant products that are approved by EPA and can be used against COVID-19. Reducing the risk of exposure to the virus by cleaning and disinfection is an important part of our business operation today.

We follow the following 3 step process:

1. Wash the items thoroughly in hot, soapy water prior to placing the instruments in an ultrasound Barbicide Sterilizer. Barbicide is a disinfectant solution used by salons to for disinfecting the tools.

2. Submerge the tools in to the ultrasound Barbicide Sterilizer.

3. Sterilize the tools. After the tools soak in the cleaning solution, they are placed in sterilization pouches (kraft paper) and put in to the high temperature sterilizer, where they sterilize at the maximum temperature. The high temperature destroys the proteins of pathogenic microorganisms, thus eliminating them completely. It affects not only active bacteria, viruses and fungi, but also their spore forms.

In addition, we run our air purifying system, which captures up to 99% of airborne particles such as dust, pollen, smoke & various allergens. It is designed to prevent bacterial growth. We are the safest place in Manhattan and truly care about our clients' safety.