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We provide a whole range of nail services offering the latest technologies on the market

This signature service includes our Regular Manicure combined with a nail bed alignment and gel polish coating. Lasts 4-6 weeks.

This signature service includes our Regular Smart Pedicure combined with a gel polish coating. Lasts 4-6 weeks.

We sculpt naturally shaped nail extensions (no tips) that encourage the growth of natural nails underneath.

Our Russian Manicure technique focuses on working with with an
e-file and leaving exceptionally clean cuticles.

Our Regular Smart Pedicure technique focuses on working with with an e-file to thoroughly clean cuticles and calluses .

French, ombré, stickers & sparkles, stamps & glitter. Original hand drawn designs of different complexity.
Superior Training and Customer Service

Why Us?

  • 100% Sterilized Tools
    After each use, the tools go through 4 stages of sterilization process and are packed in a sterile craft bag that opens with you. You can learn more about our covid-19 security protocols by following the link.
  • Homely Atmosphere
    In our studio, we have arranged a relaxed homelike atmosphere with upholstered furniture, amazing drinks, delicious cookies, mood-lifting films and music. So our clients could fully experience the nails & chill vibe.
  • Professional Materials
    At Mstudio, we value customer satisfaction and reputation. Therefore, we use only top quality professional tools and materials, supplied directly from Luxio, Gloss, Komilfo and Swarovski.
  • Guaranteed Quality
    Our nail technicians are all licensed and experienced. According to our quality control and customer feedback, our manicures and pedicures last up to 4-6 weeks on average.

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34 W 37th st, New York, NY, 10018