RUSSIAN gel manicure
Regular Russian Manicure, nail bed alignment, straightening hard base and gel polish coating.
Regular manicure
Regular Russian Manicure thoroughly done with an e-file.
Gel extension
A full set of nail extensions in one color.
Gel removal (from another nail salon)
Removal of old gel nails done in a different nail salon.
A complex removal of Dip Powder / Acrylic /Extended Nails.
SMART Gel Pedicure
Regular Pedicure combined with a gel polish coating.
SMART Pedicure
Regular Smart Pedicure thoroughly done with an e-file. with or without clear polish
fill in
Correction of Extended nails.
simple design (one nail)
Stamp, sparkle, glitter, sticker, etc.
complex design (one nail)
Hand Drawn.